ibps interview questions 2014 bank clerk interview question 2014

ibps interview questions 2014 interview questions and answers latest for bank clerk

interview questions for ibps clerk 2014 bank clerk interview tips

bank interview questions and answers for clerk 
Question directly related to you asking you about yourself:

Instead of just replicating one’s resume the panel one should show about one’s strength, passion, achievements and any other positive points. One should definitely pay attention to the question and answer accordingly and also show them your interest in the job.

interview questions and answers for banks

Why did you choose banking as your career?
Through this question the panel seems to take the reason why one likes to join the banking sector and not the other related field as per his qualification. So doing a fair bit of research on the banking sector will help one in presenting a good answer to the interview board.

One could say that this sector is one such platform where one has the opportunity to learn and grow at the same time in addition to this sector is less affected by various economic conditions of the nation like recession, depression or slowdown etc. The opportunity to grow is vast here.

bank interview questions clerical 

Question related to banking sector and current developments

In this case a particular question is hard to frame so one has to be aware of the recent developments in the banking sector in order to secure a permanent seat in the bank of your dream. There are various books available in the market in addition the internet boon which could help you to get proper knowledge of this sector. One should definitely go through the recent guidelines of the RBI and its various banking policies. Lastly do not give and stupid answer if you do not know the answer as it might make a bad impression on the board.

Your future plans and its relation to the development or growth of your bank?

Through this question the panel will try make out how you are expected to benefit the bank from your employment. One could answer that he/she will endeavour to make their clients and their satisfaction is the top most priority of the bank. He/she will always maintain the professional code of conduct and will serve the bank the best way it wants. He/she, being fully dedicated to the working of the bank, will genuinely help the bank in its path to growth. It will be the top priority to develop personally and contribute to banking development.

Do not be puzzled with the puzzled type question:

The interview may not only ask bank related question but also test your problem skill with your logical reasoning skill with any type of puzzled question. The question will test your approach to a problem and how practically you will solve it. Even if you do not know the correct answer one must not be in hurry but should take time and analyze before reaching to a conclusion. One can get clarification if one wants from the board.

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